• The club shall consist of the following members: (a) Senior members, (b) Junior Members (a member who has not reached the age of 18 on July 1st of that year) and (c) Honorary Members.

  • Membership of the club shall be open to all persons approved by the Club Committee.

  • Membership shall run from the 1st of July to the 30th of June on the following year.

  • Members in each category shall pay Membership fees as fixed by the Club Committee on a yearly basis. The Club as decided at a Club General Meeting may also require Members to contribute to the funds of the Club by way of a special levy.

  • Membership is assumed upon:

    • Payment of the relevant membership fee

    • Registration as a player

    • Use of the Club facilities on a regular basis.

  • All members joining the Club shall be deemed to agree to be bound to the membership rules and to accept the terms of this Constitution and any Bye-laws from time to time adopted by the Club. They will also be required to conduct themselves in accordance with the Club’s ethical framework and the bye-laws as to discipline set out therein.

  • Any member whose membership subscription remains unpaid on 1st November shall cease to be a member of the Club. Payment of the subscription later than this date shall be treated as a new application for membership in accordance with the provisions above.

  • A period of one month shall be allowed for the payment of the relevant membership fee for those members who join after 1st September of any year. The membership fee for those becoming members of the Club after 1st January shall be halved.

  • The Secretary shall keep a Membership Register. In the event of a member’s resignation or expulsion, his or her name shall be removed from the Membership Register.


Membership Payments